Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Butters and Beans

Just wanted to give a shout out to a new store opening in Woodbury, MN on July 22nd called Butters and Beans. Take a look at their facebook page and tell them Caralee sent you. They are going to be selling my puffy quilts! Wish I lived closer so I could actually walk in the store but they have a website of course at

Pile O' Puffiness

Seems like most of my posts lately have been puffy quilts. It comes in spurts I guess. I got an order from a baby shop in Minnesota for 6 puffy quilts so I've been frantically trying to get them done before we leave on a trip to OR tomorrow! I had to order the fabric and wait a week to get it so I have really had 5 days to get them done, and that is with 6 kids home for the summer and a day of town festivals thrown in there too. Oh, and my birthday (which doesn't really matter when you are turning 29 again anyway).

Here is the pile of puffy quilts. I kept thinking the princess and the pea wouldn't feel a pea under all of that puffiness!

Wanna be a Cowboy 2- by Riley Blake

Purple and White (don't know the designer)

Daydream by Riley Blake (my favorite one!)

On a Whim- Robert Kaufman

Blue and White Cloud, backed with soft white minky

Green and tan gingham.

I'm going to try and stop by a baby shop here in Cody, WY and see if they are interested! Who wouldn't love them?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Blue and White Apron

So my sister got all of the tablecloths used at her wedding 5 years ago and gave me some. I'm the queen of turning "old" fabric into something new with my scrap box. There was plenty of fabric and scraps to make another cute apron set. I'm getting faster at making them and every time my girls ask me to make one for them. Wait for Christmas girls!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Loving the poodle puffiness

Just had to share one of my favorite puffy quilts before it's even done. I used some "poodle" fabric that I had a bunch of extra from several years ago (poodle dance costumes!) I pre-washed it because it was shedding everywhere and it was fine in the washer and dryer and now it doesn't shed anymore! I initially thought the quilt would have too much white in it, but it's just perfect. I love the mix of greens and blues with the puffy look and feel of the white. I can't say what I'm making it for because a certain person might read it and I don't want to give it away totally! Now off to finish the border and back...