Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Early start on July 4th

I love the colors of July 4th and I have been particularly grateful to live in this country lately, so I have plans to make several more of these to hang around my kitchen area. I love stars and firework decorations and popsicles. Maybe even some sunshine and warmth would be good this summer (Wyoming has not reached 60 degrees yet this year). I think I'll add "Happy 4th of July" on another wall and maybe "Stars and Stripes" on another wall. My cricut will be busy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Etsy treasury link

So we're still working on our etsy shop and an item of ours was recently featured in a treasury called Beautiful Works. I think our puffy quilts are beautiful works! You really have to see them in person to fall in love with them. People can't resist running their hand over them. My kids are all begging me to make them their own. Anyway, here is the treasury link. Check it out!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Library bag with card pocket

So today we went to the library to sign up for the summer reading program. My 4 year realized that he was the only kid who didn't have his own card. So we signed him up and he got his very own orange library card. He kept it in his pants pocket all the way home so he wouldn't lose it. At one point in the car he cried in panic, "I lost my card!" It's not a quiet cry either. But, we found it on his seat and he was good again. I thought that he could use a little pocket to keep his precious card in and hopefully not lose it. So I took my denim scraps from pants that I collect and fashioned a library bag with it's own card pocket on it just for him.

Quick tutorial:
1. Cut two equal pieces for front and back of bag- including a pocket from pants on one side. I had to piece a few different pieces to get it the size I wanted.
2. Cut two end pieces, the same height as the front and back and about 3 inches wide.
3. Cut a bottom piece, the same width as your side pieces and the same length as your front and back pieces.
(this is when you would personalize the front of the bag with a name if you are going to do so. I ironed my letters on with stitch witchery, then sewed them for durability.)
4. Sew pieces together in order: front to side, side to back, back to side, and side to front. It'll form a loop.
5. Turn inside out and sew the bottom piece on to all the pieces already forming a loop, pivoting the needle at the corners.
6. Turn inside out. Cut two strips about 3 inches wide and the same length as each other (about 12 inches).
7. Fold and press them in 1/2 inch on each long side and then fold them on top of each other to form the handles. Sew the long end together.
8. Position your handles on your bag the same width apart as each other on either side of the bag. Sew into place using a square or an X pattern.

Hopefully we can keep track of our books and our card the entire summer!

Leave a question if you want to try and make one but need help with the directions!

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Holey jeans to cute shorts

Not just ordinary cut off jean shorts. I saw something in blog land a few weeks ago about adding a ruffle to the bottom of jean shorts. I have a couple of girls who I knew would love it, so I added it to my "I want to do" list in my head. The first day of summer vacation we cleaned out drawers and threw stuff away, put stuff in the laundry (who? my kids?), made a pile for donations, and a pile for mom to sew. I ended up with only two pairs of pants to add ruffles to. Here is how they turned out:

Here is an abbreviated tutorial:

1. Cut off pants above the holes in the knees.
2. Make two long strips of your fabric choice, about a yard long by 4 inches wide.
3. Sew the short ends together, forming a loop.
4. Fold the loop in half lengthwise so wrong sides are together.
5. Baste 3/8" inch on unfolded side of loop, leaving tails at the ends and not backstitching.
6. Pull up basting stitches so the long loop gathers itself.
7. Pin raw edges to the raw edges of the pant edge and pin so loop is same size as pant opening.
8. Sew.
9. Flip to the right side and press.
10. Top stitch close to the edge so you sew down the seam allowance on the inside.
OR instead of gathering, you can make little folds in the long loop so it looks like little pleats, like I did on the darker pants in the pictures.

So don't throw away holey jeans if they still fit! Transform them.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bed Sheets to curtains

All of the bedroom windows in our new house are now covered. It's taken over a year but now everyone can get dressed without the neighbors peeking! Not that we have neighbors... We still need to work on the bathroom windows.

My oldest daughter, 13, doesn't like to sleep with a flat sheet on her bed. No matter how much I prod and bug her, she won't do it. So I finally took her flat sheet, which matches the rest of her bedroom, cut it into two, cut off a strip at the bottom, made some tabs, sewed it all together- and now she has some tab top curtains that match the rest of her bedroom. I'll probably add a lining someday and maybe some sheers to spice it up a bit. If she ever decides to sleep with a flat sheet, we have solid color ones that match her room still.

It's hard to get a picture with light shining in a window- the light gets all weird on my camera.

I've loved the fun colors in her room. Now maybe a headboard... add it to the list!

Game Organizing Bags

I have an awful game closet. Here is proof:

Maybe it's because it also houses office supplies, craft supplies, camera bags, zillions of cords, a file box, photos, videos and other random things. I often find dice or marbles or random game pieces in my office supplies or craft supplies. I needed to start somewhere so I made these game piece bags with the name of the game on the front in big letters. None of the boxes that our card games came in have lived through six kids so card games are in plastic bags. They do the job (until the zip lock seal stops lining up) and they aren't cute! Several boxes that bigger games came in are also squished, ripped, or missing one side so the pieces fall out and get lost or mixed up. I'm hoping these little bags will start to help solve my attitude about this closet. I have a few modifications to make so that I will LOVE them but for now, they will house some games.

Now I'm determined to make the rest of the closet look better too!

Monday, May 9, 2011

More than a day skirt

So this should've taken a few hours to make but I ended up putting on the waistband wrong, not once but twice! So I had to pick it out and do it again and again. Then, Haley tried it on and it was too small. She's between a size 14 girls and a misses size 2 or 4 so I was kinda guessing the size anyway. So I picked it out again, made a new waistband and then it was done. So it was a bit of a pain but it was all my mistakes. I'm also not a big fan of hand stitching the entire hem and waistband, but I did it while watching a movie one night. Haley loves it! (and I'm glad it's done).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Puffy Quilts

So I've decided I like these. I don't need this many puffy quilts for myself but I would keep them, just to have them. So I just keep making them. Just like when I was 9 and just wanted Cabbage Patch Dolls, I would still buy them for myself just to have them now. Just something I like. (My kids have my Cabbage Patch dolls but if I could, I'd keep them in my room and still dress them up).