Thursday, May 12, 2011

Game Organizing Bags

I have an awful game closet. Here is proof:

Maybe it's because it also houses office supplies, craft supplies, camera bags, zillions of cords, a file box, photos, videos and other random things. I often find dice or marbles or random game pieces in my office supplies or craft supplies. I needed to start somewhere so I made these game piece bags with the name of the game on the front in big letters. None of the boxes that our card games came in have lived through six kids so card games are in plastic bags. They do the job (until the zip lock seal stops lining up) and they aren't cute! Several boxes that bigger games came in are also squished, ripped, or missing one side so the pieces fall out and get lost or mixed up. I'm hoping these little bags will start to help solve my attitude about this closet. I have a few modifications to make so that I will LOVE them but for now, they will house some games.

Now I'm determined to make the rest of the closet look better too!

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