Monday, November 4, 2013

Super Hero Bedroom

So our new house needed some personalization and my little boys are only going to be little once.... so we decided on a super hero bedroom.  My husband says I'll just have to change it in a few years.  Maybe he is catching on to my scheme to decorate more!  I'd say I'm about 1/2 way done with this room and it's starting to look so cute!

The boys room is a big room, maybe 14 X 14 so there is a lot of room to play (and make messes).  I like having a big space so we opted to keep the bunk beds as bunk beds.  There is a little table and two chairs I got at a school surplus auction for $5.  Score.  We have one dresser that is ugly right now, maybe it'll get some paint too, and an equally ugly toy/book shelf hidden away by the closet.  There is one big wall that was calling for something special!  A mural!  Now I am not a painter AT ALL but I could put up painters tape and make a basic design. 
I used inspiration from pinterest and etsy.  Just type in city skyline or super hero room decal and you get some ideas of shapes to replicate.  I kinda made it my own.  Each of the spotlights have one of my sons initial in it like someone is calling for their super hero help!  

The bunk bed "bat cave" looks kinda sloppy so I'm thinking it could use some more velcro at the top.  I took tab top curtains that were left at our house when we moved in and added a "CTR" symbol.  It stands for "Choose the Right" in our church and I wanted to bring a bit of the real world into the super hero world.  I want my boys to choose the right and not worship people like batman and spiderman and superman.  They can also be "Choose the Right Men"!  Anyway, I wanted to use the tabs on the top and slip them around the top rail of the bunk bed like in this picture, but it was too wide and there was no way to make it work unless I took apart the entire curtain, or just made new ones.  So I just sewed some velcro onto a few of the tabs, and put the other side of the velcro on the bed itself with sticky back velcro.  The two panels also velcro together in the middle so super hero's can break out of their cave if they want.

Since we just moved I had a ton of boxes naturally so I saved one of the large wardrobe boxes and turned it into a telephone booth!  It is not as sturdy as I would like it to be, but it was free and easy and cute.  I cut some holes in it, added some letters cut out on my cricut, I spray painted it red, and went to town with some white duct tape.  I added some command sticky back hooks inside to hang up their super hero capes.  They love hiding in there and we also have home depot aprons, fireman hats, and star wars light sabors hidden in there.  It is a telephone booth for all heros and professions!  I found a cool picture of one here.  It is much more sturdy than the one I made and really tall too!

The valances are my favorite thing yet!  I had scrap fabric in these colors so that is why I chose these colors!  I wanted them to look sorta like capes.  I used templates found here.  My 3 year old son said they were AWESOME!  I found some inspiration from here that I love but did not want to take the time to make them look exactly like their picture.  I do like their's better though!

I have plans to make quilts for the beds with inspiration found here.  I want to make a few signs for the walls, add some shelves to store super hero action figures and home depot workshop creations, and all the other "stuff" little boys accumulate.  Maybe some bins for their toy shelves, and some cool pillows.  For now I'd say I'm 1/2 way done! 

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