Friday, May 25, 2012

Disney preparation

We have been saving money and getting excited to take our six kids to Disneyland for several years now.  We thought it would be two years ago, but then we had another baby as a surprise instead!  So now our kids are 2, 5, 9, 12, 12, and 14 and we think it's a good time to take them!  We booked a condo several months ago and paid for it in full so we'd be committed.  Then my husband lost his job....but then he found a new one so the trip is still on!  Since it's summer I thought we'd make a countdown chart with fun things to do leading up to the big trip.  There are 187 days until we leave, so we cut it down a bit to 137 which we will start on July 16th (lots of math involved here).  Then I set my cricut machine to work (and my kids).  We cut out bunches of Mickey heads and saying from several characters along with "tickets" to Disneyland.  I will pick a few days and put activities on the back for fun during the summer and for preparation right before the trip.

 We numbered each Mickey head and double stick taped them on so we can pull them off easily.

 Here is the list of activities I've come up with so far.  Some of them are pretty specific to our needs and what I think will get us excited.  Several of them involve me being organized with supplies and then helping make the stuff.  Please give me more ideas!

- watch a Disney movie we haven't seen for a long time
- Look at maps of Disneyland
- make car games
- make Disney princess dresses for American Girl dolls
- make water bottle holders
- write a letter to Disney character (they send an autographed picture back)
- dance to Disney music
- play Disney DVD Bingo
- play Disney character memory game
- make Disney shirt to wear on first day of trip
- make Mickey Mouse pancakes 
- make Disney autograph books/journals
- play Disney trivia game
- use Mickey Mouse ice cubes trays to make a treat
- watch Disney vacation planning guide DVD

I also happen to be making an Alice in Wonderland skirt/apron/costume for a friend whose little girl is turning one and having a "ONEderland" birthday party.  I think they turned out cute!  I am also making 5 Women's costumes for Cinderella, Step mother, step sisters, and Fairy Godmother right now for a family who goes to DisneyWorld on Halloween each year.  I'll have to post pictures when I'm done with them.  Fun times!  Hopefully I won't get sick of Disney anytime soon!