Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puffy/Taggie/Texture Toy

I've never been one to make up a lot of projects. I follow a pattern or an example great but originality is hard for me. Also throwing away awkward shaped leftover fabric is hard for me too because I know something could be done with that leftover fabric. Having made tons and tons of puffy quilts, I wanted to make something we could take along and that more people could have. I know taggie blankets are popular with kids and they like to play with different textures. So I came up with a mini puffy/taggie/texture toy that is about a foot square.

It has 25 mini puffs, sewn together just like a large puffy quilt. Then ribbon tags are added and a minky back makes it even more fun to play with! Every time my little 1 year old son sees one of these around the house he immediately brings it to his cheek and rubs it on his cheek. Several moms at my first craft fair this weekend thought they were cool too and bought them! So I'm trying them out on my etsy site as well.

I'm so excited to have finally come up with something on my own! Now I just need a better name... which leads me my first giveaway! If I can get 25 name suggestions from different people, I'll pick the best one and send you one of my puffy/taggie/texture toys. Leave your comment!

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  1. Oh my goodness! These are so adorable! How about "Puff-a-my tag" or "Tag-a-my puff." :)

  2. waffle square or taggle puff, so cute