Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bed Sheets to curtains

All of the bedroom windows in our new house are now covered. It's taken over a year but now everyone can get dressed without the neighbors peeking! Not that we have neighbors... We still need to work on the bathroom windows.

My oldest daughter, 13, doesn't like to sleep with a flat sheet on her bed. No matter how much I prod and bug her, she won't do it. So I finally took her flat sheet, which matches the rest of her bedroom, cut it into two, cut off a strip at the bottom, made some tabs, sewed it all together- and now she has some tab top curtains that match the rest of her bedroom. I'll probably add a lining someday and maybe some sheers to spice it up a bit. If she ever decides to sleep with a flat sheet, we have solid color ones that match her room still.

It's hard to get a picture with light shining in a window- the light gets all weird on my camera.

I've loved the fun colors in her room. Now maybe a headboard... add it to the list!