Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jungle animals in flannel puffy quilt

Almost this entire quilt size puffy quilt is made of flannel and it's soooooo soft! There is a white furry fabric thrown in and a cotton gingham. It's colors are subtle and it's going to match one little baby's nursery so well! Thanks for letting me make it for you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Toddler ABC cricut book

So in the excitement of receiving my new cricut machine- OVER A YEAR AGO- I started making an ABC picture book for my little boy who was 10 months at the time. Now he's almost 2 and I finally am finishing! My problem is that I figure if I'm going to make one I might as well make 2 or 3 at the same time. Which actually adds that much more time. Time to cut, glue, arrange, etc. etc. But I finally finished 3 of these cute little ABC books and made covers for them. Good thing my little boy has 2 cousins who are almost the exact same age and they are getting them as late birthday presents.

I used smaller 3 ring binders because they are cuter for little hands to use. Turns out that just because they are smaller, doesn't mean they are cheaper. They are actually more expensive than regular size 3 ring binders, but I still go them because they are cute. I just browsed through the cricut cartridges I had and found pictures that worked for each letter. I like how they are not the typical pictures you find for ABC books- dog house rather than dog, fire hydrant rather than frog. Something a little different. I put the pages in smaller plastic covers (also more expensive than regular sized). I found some scrap fabric and made some covers for the books. I wanted to make handles so they could be carried around but I was going super simple and super fast so they don't have handles.

This was a great way to get me familiar with my cricut and learn how to do things faster and more streamlined. On to bigger and better projects with the cricut now!

Now we'll see if my little guy, and the cousins, likes it!

Toddler boy bedding

So I have a little toddler who loves to snuggle with the puffy quilts I am always making for others, so I actually bought fabric special for him and made him some new bedding for his toddler bed! After I was all done, I showed him and asked if he wanted to snuggle with it. An emphatic, "NO!" was the answer. So he could care less. But I think it's pretty cute and wish I was a toddler again so I could have such cool bedding.

I made a fitted sheet and a pieced pillow case. The back of the quilt matches the sheet.

Riley Blake "Allstar" fabric. Also white with green dots from the baby basics fabrics at Joann's. It's my most "go to" fabric because it matches tons of other fabrics and makes them all work great together.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super cute skirt

I love this skirt that I made from a design seen on "Little Birdie Secrets" blog. My sister in law found this and passed it on to me. I made one for my 14 year old daughter and she loves it! I made a few changes to the one on the blog and if I made it again, I'd make a few more changes again. But I love it enough to maybe make one for each of my other girls and myself!

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Linked to www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com