Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pile O' Puffiness

Seems like most of my posts lately have been puffy quilts. It comes in spurts I guess. I got an order from a baby shop in Minnesota for 6 puffy quilts so I've been frantically trying to get them done before we leave on a trip to OR tomorrow! I had to order the fabric and wait a week to get it so I have really had 5 days to get them done, and that is with 6 kids home for the summer and a day of town festivals thrown in there too. Oh, and my birthday (which doesn't really matter when you are turning 29 again anyway).

Here is the pile of puffy quilts. I kept thinking the princess and the pea wouldn't feel a pea under all of that puffiness!

Wanna be a Cowboy 2- by Riley Blake

Purple and White (don't know the designer)

Daydream by Riley Blake (my favorite one!)

On a Whim- Robert Kaufman

Blue and White Cloud, backed with soft white minky

Green and tan gingham.

I'm going to try and stop by a baby shop here in Cody, WY and see if they are interested! Who wouldn't love them?


  1. I like this..... years ago my mother made these puff blankets. She filled it with old nylon stockings

  2. These quilts are beautiful. Daydream is my favorite too. What an amazing talent you have for creating the things that make life extra special!

  3. Thank you for linking up @Bowl of Cherrys Baby Week!!