Friday, July 1, 2011

Loving the poodle puffiness

Just had to share one of my favorite puffy quilts before it's even done. I used some "poodle" fabric that I had a bunch of extra from several years ago (poodle dance costumes!) I pre-washed it because it was shedding everywhere and it was fine in the washer and dryer and now it doesn't shed anymore! I initially thought the quilt would have too much white in it, but it's just perfect. I love the mix of greens and blues with the puffy look and feel of the white. I can't say what I'm making it for because a certain person might read it and I don't want to give it away totally! Now off to finish the border and back...

1 comment:

  1. Good thing I didn't see this before! :) It's SOOOO beautiful! I absolutely love the white puffy and all the colors. Jeff was so impressed when he saw it and said "She should really sell these!" Ha ha, I told him you are going to be famous. :)