Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bags, Bags and more bags

I love bags. I wish I had more reasons to make bags. I do need a new diaper bag. Maybe that'll be my next project. These are some bags I've done over the years.

This is a pieced tote bag I made for myself last summer. I ended up loving the colors, all from fat quarters. I use it to go to church. Most weeks I wish it was a little bigger.

This is my favorite bag that I've made. It's a scrapbook bag for Haley. It's HUGE and holds all her supplies and a big scrapbook inside. I like that she has somewhere to keep everything. I did buy a pattern for this bag and it took quite awhile to make. I had a friend use her embroidery machine to make her name which I then sewed on.

There are pockets all around the bag for supplies.

This is an insert that goes into the scrapbook bag to hold more supplies.

This is an easy "hobo sack" that we keep some play food in. I got the pattern from a friends blog and have made several already.

This is a scripture bag that Haley and I made. I didn't have a pattern but just used my know-how from other projects to make a coordinating lining and handles.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keeping Track of the crafts

I thought I'd start this blog as an off-shoot of our family blog to keep track of some of my crafts and sewing projects I'm working on or have completed through the years. I don't claim to be a super seamstress or crafter, but it's something I enjoy when I have time. Looking at some of my past projects, I feel rather inadequate compared to a lot of crafters and seamstress out there but I stopped comparing myself long ago! I do it for the fun and often the necessity of saving money on store bought expensive items! I guess I'll post past projects and then I'll add additional projects that I finish or am working on.

Basket Liners for Dani's baby bedroom.

Hanging baby supplies organizer for Dani's baby bedroom.

Crib skirt for Dani's baby room. Also has some valances for the windows.

American Girl Doll skirt.

American Girl Doll bed (I tried to make it look like one in the catalog that cost $80!) My mom made the little pillow.

Denim BYU blanket. It will have a pair once I get more fabric to finish the back. These will be on the boys beds in their new bedroom.

Baby boy blessing outfit. This was made for my first son 10 years ago out of left over fabric from my wedding dress.

My friend Chrissy helped teach me how to attempt decorating my first real cake. Okay, she did most of it! This is a hobby/craft I'd love to learn more of when I have time someday.

This is a cross stitch I made when my oldest was a baby- 12 years ago. I entered in the county fair this year and got a 2nd place ribbon (I think I won $6.00- more money for my next craft project!)

Christmas Eve pj's 2009. It's a lot of work to make 4 pairs of pj's! I bought Carter's for $3 so I didn't make his. Kids love getting homemade pj's rather than store bought though. THis was a tradition started in my family as a kid.

Caterpillar cupcakes for 1st grader birthday. I think I've made this particular treat for 3 different birthdays because the kids love it.

This is the one and only quilled thing I've made. I took an intro to quilling class and it's another craft/art that I would love to learn, when I have the time.

I think I've made over 30 Halloween costumes over the years. This was for my first son about 7 years ago. Go Cougs.

Coloring wallet. It has pockets inside for paper and crayons.

This is a horrible picture of a table my dad and I made one Thanksgiving holiday. It's my favorite piece of furniture in the house. It is no longer being used to store toilet paper (as seen in the picture) but is in it's rightful place in our entryway of our new house. I would love to build furniture sometime too and I've checked out the website called and I'm determined to make some stuff from there someday.

Cleopatra Halloween costume. I had a bunch of scrap stretchy fabric that I don't think I would've ever used for anything else so this worked perfectly.

Probably my favorite project is making matching girl and doll outfits. This was a Christmas dress for Haley and her doll several years ago.

This is a dress that I bought the fabric for off of the internet. I hate shopping for fabric on the internet because you can't touch it and see it while choosing. This turned out alright though.

Matching girl and doll dress for Erica.

I didn't make anything in this picture but I did put the leg work into finding the bedding Haley liked, choosing paint and accessories and putting it all together. I even "got" to paint the walls these bright colors. Her room is fun and energetic. My sister Alicia made the wall hanging of Haley's name.

Family Home Evening Chart. I ended up not liking the color I chose and the lettering on top could've been smaller. The empty place was reserved for our last baby who didn't have a name at the time because he wasn' t born yet! (Of course I still haven't made the name and he's almost 6 months old.)

This blurry picture shows one of the 13 pairs of shiny egyptian pants I made for a dance recital a few years ago. Yes- THIRTEEN!!! Nothing compared to the 8 Minnie Mouse costumes or 10 "Purple People Eater" shirts a few years earlier. Not the easiest fabric to sew with.

Easy Easter dress.

Another easy Easter dress.