Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bags, Bags and more bags

I love bags. I wish I had more reasons to make bags. I do need a new diaper bag. Maybe that'll be my next project. These are some bags I've done over the years.

This is a pieced tote bag I made for myself last summer. I ended up loving the colors, all from fat quarters. I use it to go to church. Most weeks I wish it was a little bigger.

This is my favorite bag that I've made. It's a scrapbook bag for Haley. It's HUGE and holds all her supplies and a big scrapbook inside. I like that she has somewhere to keep everything. I did buy a pattern for this bag and it took quite awhile to make. I had a friend use her embroidery machine to make her name which I then sewed on.

There are pockets all around the bag for supplies.

This is an insert that goes into the scrapbook bag to hold more supplies.

This is an easy "hobo sack" that we keep some play food in. I got the pattern from a friends blog and have made several already.

This is a scripture bag that Haley and I made. I didn't have a pattern but just used my know-how from other projects to make a coordinating lining and handles.


  1. Caralee, Those are all wonderful!! I, too, love bags! I found a cute pattern for one I want to make but haven't had time. I will have to ask you for some of your fun ideas. Haley's scrapbook bag is awesome!!! I can't wait to build a house that I have space in to set up my sewing machine!!

  2. Oops! Sorry that was Jamie. Didn't realize Andy was signed in on his account!!