Friday, January 28, 2011

Formula cans, Valentine's wreath, Menu Board

I have been saving my formula cans since my son changed over to formula at 8 months old. It's amazing how many accumulate and how excited I am to stop buying it in a month! I found a way to use those cans to organize some stuff. We organized our markers, crayons, foam stickers, and craft sticks on the hallway bookshelf. Then I made some 72 hour kit food jars. I'm planning on putting a strap end in each side of the can and tying it inside so it can be carried over the shoulder if needed. I have a list on the outside of what is inside (after I buy the stuff!). I have another can saved for an ABC game that I saw but that also includes saving juice can lids (26 of them) and we don't buy that much juice! So maybe when baby is ready to learn his ABC's I'll have enough juice lids. Or- if any of you people reading this blog want to save them for me, send them along!

There are Valentine wreaths like this all over blog land right now so I don't know where I actually got this idea. It's just felt circles, a straw wreath ($1 from a thrift store that my SIL found!) and straight pins. Very festive.

I usually scribble our week menu on a little scrap of paper so I thought I'd copy my cousin's project and make a menu board. The glass can be written on with a dry erase marker and the words are cut with vinyl on my cricut. I think I will still paint the frame black.

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  1. Good idea for the formula cans! I hate throwing that kind of thing away too. I had the same problem with collecting juice lids for a game I made for Spencer once. I wound up using regular size canning lids instead. They have a brand name on one side, but you could easily cover it with a sticker or modpodge some scrapbook paper on. Just a thought!