Saturday, January 1, 2011

First attempt at a quiet book

I was so excited to make this "colors book" today! I pretty much copied the one I found on this blog. I changed mine a little bit and I spent ZERO dollars since I had all the materials at home. I got to try out my new cricut again, cutting the fabric letters this time. I discovered what types of fabric work well and which fabrics don't work well in the cricut. I depleted my wonder under stash and my interfacing stash making the pages a little more stiff. I also didn't have any orange or purple scraps so I'll have to make those pages as I get those colors of scraps or trims. I now need to find someone who can make grommets and put one in the corner and then put it all on a ring. I also realized that the white lettering on the cover and on the "black and white" page didn't show up very well so I'll get a fabric marker and outline the letters. After having had 6 kids I've never had a quiet book, so this last little boy is pretty lucky. (can't figure out why the computer flipped all of my pictures- they were the right direction before I started. Sorry)

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