Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine's banner

I've never had Valentine's decorations but now that I have my big bare new house, I gotta do something to spice up those bare windows and walls! I started with this paper Valentine's banner. I'm thinking of doing two more smaller ones that say "Hugs" and "XOXO" for the two other spaces in my dining room. I also want to do some paper hearts in different sizes and colors and string them onto a thin craft wire and wrap them around some lights. I'm going to search for some festive table decoration or table cloth. I want to do a "Wordle" of some sort with Valentine's words for my entry way.

Love my cricut... this took 15 sheets of cardstock with 2 cut outs on each sheet, then 2 sheets of black for the letters. Each oval background is about 5 inches tall. There was extra room so I could've made it a bit smaller and got three cuts on a sheet. Then I assembled and laminated each letter.


  1. Okay, I officially want a cricut now. I had been holding out, not sure it was worth it, but now I see I NEED one!