Saturday, January 1, 2011

Doll bed and bedding

So the last of my three girls is getting an American Girl doll bed for her birthday. I will NOT buy stuff from the catalog (except for the doll) so I get to figure out how to make everything for the girls. I made the first two beds a few years ago and this time I used a boy scout merit badge (wood working) to get my son to help me. We used scrap wood from the garage and followed a plan from (love her site!). We had a few mishaps along the way of course but overall it turned out pretty sturdy and cute. I found some scrap fabric and threw together a quilt and pillow and now we have a birthday present for FREE! (and a wood working merit badge)


  1. The bed turned out cute! I like the green. I love that site too, and this same bed was on Lee's to-do list if he got time before Christmas (I knew I wouldn't have time!). He made Isaac a train table using plans from her site, and I really wanted him to make Grace a bed. He just didn't have time between the end of his school term and Christmas to do both. Maybe for her birthday, or maybe I will make it just because!

  2. Your bed turned out cute, I have quite a to-do list from there.