Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More fall crafting

I think I've been eager this fall to do more crafts because my new house needs some sprucing up. The super Saturday I went to also helped with some home decorating. The list of stuff I want to do just keeps getting longer though.

An easy, not fancy "BOO" set up. I wish I had a cricket to cut the letters out cooler looking. (hint, hint for Christmas) I also added some styrofoam ball/pipe cleaner spiders to the "BOO" sign, crawling all over it.

Super Saturday sign.

Trick or Treat banner already hanging on my loft railing. Banner and buntings are my new favorite thing and I have lots of plans.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Felt finger puppet animals

I have discovered that I love felt. I wish I had more felt. I wish the less expensive fabric store around here had a bigger selection so I didn't have to go to the more expensive fabric store and buy it. Haley and I did this project that I again stole from a friend's blog. Haley takes hers on babysitting jobs and I am waiting until Austin is big enough to not swallow the wiggly eyes and then he can play with them. We made little draw string bags and also a little girly purse to keep them in.

Halloween stuff

I am realizing I want new decorations for holidays in my new house. The old stuff is well, old. I love this Halloween bunting that I got the idea for from here. Then I added the scary/gross mice that I got the idea from a friend's blog and she found it here. I have so many more decorating things I want to do but then I remind myself I have six children and I can do more next year! Carter (4 years old) got a kick out of the mice. I'll see if the hubby thinks they are funny when he gets home from work today.