Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The fabric choice...

So I think I decided on the 3 designer fabric blankets that I'm going to do. I appreciated some people telling me their opinions and I chose some of those fabrics but went a totally different direction for the others. The green and black fabrics are for a gender neutral blanket and I'll add in one other solid color after I get the fabric, maybe black, just for some of the squares on the top of the puffy quilt. The blue, red, and plaid cowboy fabric is for a boy quilt and I'll use the paisley blue for the backing and peaks border. The pink, green and brown will be a girls quilt with the 2nd fabric from the top being the back and ruffle border. I'm so excited to start these! I still get to choose fabric for 3 more quilts out of a little bit less expensive fabric.

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