Thursday, May 26, 2011

Library bag with card pocket

So today we went to the library to sign up for the summer reading program. My 4 year realized that he was the only kid who didn't have his own card. So we signed him up and he got his very own orange library card. He kept it in his pants pocket all the way home so he wouldn't lose it. At one point in the car he cried in panic, "I lost my card!" It's not a quiet cry either. But, we found it on his seat and he was good again. I thought that he could use a little pocket to keep his precious card in and hopefully not lose it. So I took my denim scraps from pants that I collect and fashioned a library bag with it's own card pocket on it just for him.

Quick tutorial:
1. Cut two equal pieces for front and back of bag- including a pocket from pants on one side. I had to piece a few different pieces to get it the size I wanted.
2. Cut two end pieces, the same height as the front and back and about 3 inches wide.
3. Cut a bottom piece, the same width as your side pieces and the same length as your front and back pieces.
(this is when you would personalize the front of the bag with a name if you are going to do so. I ironed my letters on with stitch witchery, then sewed them for durability.)
4. Sew pieces together in order: front to side, side to back, back to side, and side to front. It'll form a loop.
5. Turn inside out and sew the bottom piece on to all the pieces already forming a loop, pivoting the needle at the corners.
6. Turn inside out. Cut two strips about 3 inches wide and the same length as each other (about 12 inches).
7. Fold and press them in 1/2 inch on each long side and then fold them on top of each other to form the handles. Sew the long end together.
8. Position your handles on your bag the same width apart as each other on either side of the bag. Sew into place using a square or an X pattern.

Hopefully we can keep track of our books and our card the entire summer!

Leave a question if you want to try and make one but need help with the directions!

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