Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Horizontal Stripe Curtains, and a family room in progress

After being in our house for a year now with the family feeling like a blank canvas still... I finally got around to hanging curtains.  My budget for decorating is almost always zero, or near zero so I had to get creative.  I browsed on pinterest and different blogs looking for ideas and I kept coming back to the horizontal stripe curtains.  They are spendy to just buy them so I knew I would make them.  

My color scheme for my family room is basically this picture below:
Kind of by default really.  We had dark brown carpet, I had painted the walls the light blue/grey color because they were dirty/bright yellow when we moved in, we already had a reddish chair, and our couches are the darker tan color.  The entry wall hall is the green-ish color.  So I was glad I found the colors all put together in a scheme like this so I felt like I actually had a scheme going.  I chose the lighter tan and dark brown to make my curtains and I am planning on adding more red accents as time goes on.

The curtains finished:
 I made the blanket ladder you see leaning against that wall.  I want some pretty matching quilts to hang there someday.
I bought two flat bed sheets, twin sized from Wal-Mart for about $5 each.  I cut them each in half length wise, the cut them into 12 1/2" strips width wise.  I sewed four strips of brown to four strips of white, using the bottom edge of the sheet that is already "hemmed" as the bottom strip.  I found a "Family Dollar" store that was closing and found two matching curtains rods for $4.00 each (not the sturdiest feeling rods but they will do the trick) and I already had the clip on curtains rings!  I was left with almost enough of the sheets to make two more panels for the other window in the family room, but I will have to buy two more sheets to completely finish them.  So for about $3 a panel, and $4 a rod, I spent next to nothing on these curtains!

More plans:  copy the barn doors on hinges to cover the tv hole above our fireplace.
And... have my dad visit and build us bookshelves like these on the sides of our fire place.
Oh, and think of something to put over the couch.  And get another couch.  Those are my plans.

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